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7-Set Tube Lab Dice Canary/white Luminary

7-Set Tube Lab Dice Canary/white Luminary

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This set contains 8 Borealis Canary dice with white numbers with the following shapes

1 x 4-sided die
1 x 6-sided die
1 x 8-sided die
1 x 10-sided die
1 x tens 10-sided die
1 x 12-sided die
1 x 20-sided die
1 x Commemmorative 16mm d6 w/pips and Lab Dice Logo.

These dice come in a test tube packaging with Lid This color has our Luminary™ effect. It can look like stars in the dark (with enough light exposure beforehand or under a black light).

Borealis® is a registered trademark of Chessex Manufacturing. Luminary™ and Lab Dice™ are a trademark of Chessex.

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