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Android: Undercity Novella

Android: Undercity Novella

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"My sources say the police have found corpses in back streets and alleys cut up Jack the Ripper-style. If that’s true the press has a right—make that a duty—to inform the people.”
–Javier Zamora, Undercity

The world changed. Crime did not. While humanity has achieved amazing feats in the distant future of the Android universe, like an elevator stretching to the moon itself, there’s still a dark undercurrent to the world’s soul. Gangs run rampant, megacorporations skirt the law for a profit, and deep in the heart of the New Angeles undercity, evidence of a serial killer starts to mount. It will take the right kind of reporter to expose the dark corners of this city and shine a light on these mysterious killings.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Undercity by Richard Lee Byers, a new novella set in the Android universe!

Undercity features a full 96-page story centered on Javier Zamora, a 16-page color insert detailing the treacherous Los Scorpiones gang, and exclusive content for Shadow of the Beanstalk, an Android sourcebook for the Genesysroleplaying system!

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