Banding Rotary Wheel

Banding Rotary Wheel

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A manual rotating base is a tool used in photography, sculpting, and painting with airbrushes and spraysIt consists of a circular platform that can rotate 360 degrees on a central axis, allowing for easy access to all angles of the subject being worked on.

The rotating wheel can be used in a variety of ways depending on the specific project and medium being used. For example, in photography, can be used to adjust the angle and orientation of the camera when taking photos of a subject from different angles. In sculpting, the base can be used to rotate a three-dimensional object while working on it, allowing the artist to access all sides and angles of the piece. And in painting, the base can be used to rotate a canvas or other surface, making it easier to apply paint or other materials from different angles.

A manual banding rotary wheel is a useful tool for artists and photographers who need to work on a subject from different angles and perspectives. It allows for greater precision and control in the creative process and can help to save time and effort by making it easier to access hard-to-reach areas of a subject.

Made of ABS durable plastic in order to have resistance and lightness. Not ovenable.

Diameter: 11cm (4,5 pulgadas)

Height: 3cm

Color: Black

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