Black Templars: Upgrades And Transfers

Black Templars: Upgrades And Transfers

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The Black Templars surge into battle like the Emperor's wrath made manifest. Streaking down from the void or thundering to war in mechanised spearheads, they strike with a fury that leaves Mankind's enemies reeling. Guns blazing, blades swinging, their armoured bodies arrayed in the raiment and relics of the Imperial Faith, they butcher all who stand in their path.

Designed to let you add greater variety to your Crusader Squads with a range of heads, weapons, and wargear, this set also comes with a multi-melta for a vehicle of your choice, six powerful Relics with which to equip your Relic Bearers, and a range of sculpted shoulder pads.

This upgrade sprue contains:

Shoulder Pads

12x Mk X Tacticus Armour shoulder pads (including 2x for use with Sword Brethren/unit leaders)

6x Mk X Gravis Armour shoulder pads

1x Mk VI power armour shoulder pad

Vehicle Upgrades

1x multi-melta for use with Black Templars vehicles

6x components for use with decorating vehicles, including 5x Black Templar Icons and 1x relic sword/chassis decoration weapon.


Components specifically designed to represent six of the Relics available to the Black Templars Chapter:

The Aurillian Shroud, Skull of the Cacodominus, Sword of Judgement, Witchseeker Bolts, Ancient Breviary, and The Crusader's Helm.


4x Initiate Heads

1x Marshal's head, with circlet/coronet

4x Neophyte heads

Neophyte Weapons and Options

4x Neophyte arms with combat shotguns

3x alternate arm options (one holding a bolt carbine, one holding a grenade, and one carrying an Initiate's helmet)

Extra Options, Accessories, and Decorations

1x arm option with a choice of two hands, each holding different reliquaries

1x Astartes chainsword in scabbard

1x Black Templars backpack with a recess along its top edge for use with accessories or Relics

3x purity seals

3x larger honorific ribbons

1x sanctified grenade

1x ribbon

2x lanterns

2x relic bones

2x burning candle stacks

Transfer Sheet

Includes a Black Templars transfer sheet that includes 240 transfers.

These accessories supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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