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Chessex: Speckled Twilight 7-Die Set

Chessex: Speckled Twilight 7-Die Set

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For use in tabletop RPG games (such as Dungeons & Dragons).

This set contains 7 Speckled Twilight dice with yellow numbers with the following shapes:

1 x 4-sided die (PS0406)
1 x 6-sided die (PS0606)
1 x 8-sided die (PS0806)
1 x 10-sided die (PS1006)
1 x tens 10-sided die (PS1106)
1 x 12-sided die (PS1206)
1 x 20-sided die (PS2006)

These are held in an 02805 Display Case with Lid.

Speckled® is a registered trademark of Chessex Manufacturing.
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